2016 Reviews of More Than 30 Very Good Free Online Storage Services-Storing, Sharing and SyncIng

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2016 Reviews of More Than 30 Nice Cloud Storage/Drive Services, Most of them Provide Free Editions-Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega and More, Which Is the Better?

This post is long yet valuable

Maybe you would think this article is too long, but I promise to you that it is very worth spending some leisure time on reading this post. I took one month around to list more than 30 (free) cloud storage services, for most of them, the cloud servers between your devices are with HTTPS(TLS/SSL) connected, and most of them have free accounts provided. If you find this post is valuable, just help to spread this article to the Internet world, such as share its link at your Twitter or Facebook, thanks. The valuable information is worth sharing!

Are you going to find some good free web cloud drives, for your home personal or work business use?
You just come to the right place, this is the ultimate comparison and analysis about the free or paid online storage providers, you will find some awesome cloud drive services you are satisfied with.

So prepare a cup of coffee, and go on reading ;)
A brief summary of what you are going to read about:
  • What is the cloud drive service?
  • The advantages for personal to use online storage on the cloud.
  • The reviews of more than 30 online storage/drive services.
  • Why the Internet companies provide free online storage(hosting space) to us?
  • How to get 100 GB free storage on the Internet?
  • Do I suggest to use paid edition of storage on the cloud?
What is online storage service?
What are its functions?
What are The advantages for me to use (free) online storage?

The reviews and comparisons of more than 30 web storage companies:
From A to Z, I list more than 30 cloud drive services, which really is a BIG project.

Here to know the companies who provide online storage services(free or paid)

The details:
ADrive. FREE 60-day trial (there is no credit card required).

Amazon Cloud Drive.Headquartered in Seattle, Amazon is a famous transnational e-commerce company, whose business starting in the online bookstore, afterwards Amazon takes commodity diversification strategy. Currently Amazon is one of the world's largest Internet Retailers.
Amazon also provide online storage business, once it provided 5 GB free storage, while now it's unlimited photo storage, plus 5 GB for videos and other files for $11.99 per year to new register. You have 3-month free trial of it, multiple devices and platform-systems are supported.

ASUS WebStorage. ASUS is a International technology company based in Taiwan(China), besides produces Personal Computer, smart phone, ASUS also provides online storage business for users.
ASUS Web Storage will give 5 GB free online drive, up to 500 MB as single file upload limit, you can backup on and Sync your one PC and keep the file version history for 30 days, multiple platforms are supported.

Baidu cloud(Baidu online file). Baidu is the largest search engine local in China, up to 2 T free web space.

Bitcase Backup Service. No matter you are a developer or not, Bitcase provides you with min 5 GB online drive, you can manage your files on up to 3 equipment, but can not share files with Bitcase Basic plan, so your files are always private as long as you dont forget your password, only you can access them.

Backblaze. Backblaze(B2 Cloud Storage) is a online data backup provider, its free tier cloud storage is 10 GB, and its paid tier price is low as they said that $0.005/GB/Month for storage, $0.05/GB for download, plus $0.004 per 10,000 downloads and $0.004 per 1,000 other transactions.
Mac, PC and mobile accesses are supported.

Box Cloud Storage. Box.com is a excellent cloud provider from California, which mainly focuses on online file sharing and content management service for businesses. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices are supported, Secure log in, office documents editing online, 10 GB Free Storage and 250 MB Max File Size, just enough generous to personal. Also, your Box apps are protected with Passcode Lock.

CloudMe. CloudMe offers file cloud storage service, file synchronization and client software. All files will be synchronized between devices in CloudMe's blue folder that appears on all devices with the same content.
CloudMe Free Plan storage is between 3-19 GB, also you will enjoy these feathers---European Storage, Privacy of Sweden, both Web and Mobile Access, Automatic Upload your files, Stream Music play on the web, Sharing files with others, Sync between multiple devices.

Comodo Cloud Online Storage. Comodo Cloud is a paid only web drive provider, who said it is not only keeps your files secure online, but also allows you to manage/access them any time in any places.
The good news is that you can have a trial of the 90 days 10 GB free subscription before you decide to pay or not.

Copy Cloud.Update: Copy cloud will close their service in may 2016.
As one business unit of Barracuda, Copy.com offers a rather simple cloud solution for users to manage their business and personal storage on the web. You can easily sync, protect and share your files on Copy Cloud.
Each user has 15 GB free cloud storage, No maximum file size limit! 30 day file revision history and 30 day file recovery, its app for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Linux are all available. By the way the business plan of Copy Web Cloud is named CudaDrive.

Code42 CrashPlan. This provider only provides paid service, its fresh points are both the web and security, Code42 CrashPlan Drive could silently and continuously back up all distributed end-user files, and complete visible and controlled by you.
Code42 CrashPlan does not have free edition, still you can have a trial of it ;)

Cubby. Cubby Drive are focusing on enterprise sync and share. Its free plan is 5 GB, what you get from it are private and public files sharing, unlimited versioning and file size uploads, both desktop and mobile apps (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), also the client-side encryption (AES 256-bit encryption)

Degoo Cloud Backup. 100 GB free backup space for each user.

Diino Web Drive. Based in both Stockholm and Sweden, Diino provide secure online file backup storage and sharing, it has no free plan, like many providers, you have free 30 days trial, No credit card is required.

Dropbox. In the web cloud storage area,Dropbox is rather famous and excellent, many people say it is the best free/paid web cloud drive solution. You can share your photos, play mp3, watch videos, synchronize your blog data and so no.
No matter which platform you are using---Linux, Mac OS X or Windows, Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS or Windows Phone, the web browsers, as well as MeeGo and Symbian(although only a small amount of people use them)---Dropbox supports all.
Dropbox free plan is 2 GB, not worried, because you can increase your storage by inviting friends or using mobile and desk Dropbox app ;) Just enough cloud drive for ordinary people to use.
If you are a student or teacher, you also have Dropbox education bonus...

Dropmysite. Dropmysite is a professional web drive for webmasters, focusing on the automatic backups of your website and database. No free account, but you can have a trial of 14 days, hmm, I am not familiar with the details.

ElephantDrive. ElephantDrive free plan is 2 GB, Windows and Mac, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices are supported, anyway, this elephant on the web drive is another more choice.

Google Drive. Google drive is powered by Google, with up to 15 GB free web space, which is shared across Gmail, Google plus photos, blogger and other Google products, but it just very enough space on the web for most people to use.
You can manage your files at Google drive from different popular devices and platforms. You can edit all your Google Docs(Word), Google Sheet(Excel) and Google Slide(PowerPoint) on the cloud, so you know, how this enemy is powerful to Microsoft...
Google is the greatest Internet company in a global scale, you even can search your photos and videos with specific words even you do not give them a proper names. For example, when you search "flower" in your Google Drive/Photo, then your flower-related files will be smartly send to your eyes, have to say it is so magical.

Knowhow Cloud. Knowhow Cloud is a only paid online storage provider from UK, people say it is the re-band of Livedrive. You have its FREE 30 DAY TRIAL OF CLOUD BACKUP before your pay. Knowhow Cloud will auto backup your files on the web, is secure and simple to use.

Livedrive. Only paid service, but you have 14 days free trial.
As they said that Livedrive is Number 1 in Europe and Number 1 in the USA, its interface is very simple, easy to use, the speed is fast, HTTPS all the way you go, I think livedrive is of high quality. mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android is available, Blackberry, WebOS and Windows Mobile are nice supported at m.livedrive.com.

Hidrive. 5 GB free online storage

iBackup drive. iBackup sells online drive service to business customers, only paid edition, but you can have a 15 day Free Trial Plan - 50 GB storage before you buy.

iCloud Drive.(Apple cloud service)The Web drive service from Apple which is one of the top wealthy companies on this planet. iCloud is both secure and fast, 5 GB free. You can synchronize any kind of files on all your Apple devices. Edit words with iWrite app installed on iCloud. Synchronize and protect data on your iPhone/iPad. Apple's products are always of HIGH quality.

iDrive Web Cloud. Another online storage provider from California, iDrive gives you 5 GB free sync storage, besides desk and mobile(iPhone and Android) are supported, Microsoft Office document files editing online is allowed. IDrive Wi-Fi for speedy local backups can complement your cloud account with wireless local backup. Also you can manage your computers remotely via the web, which is cool.

JustCloud. 1 GB is free.

MediaFire. MediaFire is a cloud drive company professional in media sharing, Your photos, videos, songs, documents and other files will securely and privately shared or stored all in your control. Apsp for Windows, iOS iPhone and Android are available. Free cloud storage is 10 GB, but there are ads around your files.

MyDrive.ch The datacenter of mydrive ch is located in Switzerland, that is to say, you files are protected by the Swiss law, secure. Free storage is only 100 MB. Android and iOS app available.

Mega. This is a cloud drive from New Zealand. Mega's free storage is up to 50 GB, I have to say it is so gorgeous that I begin to believe if Mega want to make money or not by selling online storage to its personal users. Mega mobile apps are available for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry OS and iOS.
If your friends also use Mega cloud, then you can chat with them through mega chat. And mobile app is with passcode lock.
I think Mega Cloud is Good.

MeMedia. MeMedia cloud is also focusing on media sharing, syncing and storing, such as photos, videos, songs and documents. 10 GB storage for starters. The popular platforms are supported.

Memopal. Memopal gives you 3 GB free web space, files backup, share and sync are the basic functions. Compatible with all devices---Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Mozy. Mozy Cloud Drive has 3 edition-respectively for business, enterprise and personal. Its free online storage is only for personal and non-commercial user, 2 GB free cloud volume.
Mozy is simple, automatic and secure, free cloud account register from here https://mozy.com/free, and you can get more free space by referring friends.

OneDrive(Microsoft SkyDrive). The free online storage and cloud service from Microsoft-another Internet leader. Same to Google Drive, OneDrive Free plan is 15 GB per account. Multiple popular platforms are supported between different devices. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook mail, Publisher, Access are better connected with your Microsoft Onedrive, which really is effectively collaborated.
Hmm, but I think its logo is ugly...

Opendrive Cloud. Opendrive's personal account is 5 GB free Storage | Max File Size is 100 MB| 1 GB/Day Bandwidth | up to 200 KB/s Speed. Besides, like Dropbox, you can earn more space and bandwidth by promoting OpenDrive on the web such as Twitter and Facebook.
And after your sharing the affiliate link on your blog or website , Opendrive will give the direct link(hotlinking) of the files you uploaded! As far as I know, it is the only one who provides direct link to its users of the plenty of web storage/cloud companies.

pCloud. pCloud is a young cloud drive company registered in Switzerland, who aims to create a huge impact on the rapidly growing IT market. It is a online drive I am using on my iPhone in recent time, because its speed is fast, simple to use, single file size is not limited, also have auto-upload and passcode lock functions.
Its free online storage is 10 GB, and you can achieve 20 GB free cloud space by inviting your friends to join(+1 GB per registration) or performing the steps in their bonus program.
pCloud Crypto Folder is a paid part which aim to protect your files in particular folder in the cloud, I like this idea, but it is a paid part.

SpiderOak. Paid service only. SpiderOak basic plan is 2 GB, 60-Day Trial, No Credit Card, No Obligations. Only you have your keys to your account. Blackberry app not supported, the other popular platform apps are available.

SugarSync. As its name tell us, SugarSync is more skilled in synchronizing files, it can backup ANY folder on your computer, and supports almost each platform from different devices---All of Windows (7, 8 and 10), Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices and Kindle Fire are supported.
Are you interested in it? But SugarSync only provides paid service, you are allowed to try for 30 days.

Syncplicity. Syncplicity is doing a good job in Enterprise File Sync & Share, it also provides European Data Protection. Its free edition is 10 GB, there are no bandwidth restrictions, multiple devices and multiple platforms are available. Syncplicity allows you to sync your files with Google Docs, Zoho and Facebook. In a word, Syncplicity is good.

Tarsnap. Tarsnap is different from the other cloud drive providers, you can find this just from the display of its website, only the users know their security keys. Tarsnap has no fixed costs or minimum monthly fees. You pay for what you use, nothing more. In a word, it is for the professional people to use, I even do not know how to use it on windows(it said "Only via Cygwin", but how???)
......, if you are not professional in computer language, just have to skip it......

Tecent QQ cloud(wei yun). Tencent is the largest social website in China, it also offers 2GB of free cloud storage.

TeamDrive. This is a cloud drive service designed for group members. For personal use, it does have free edition with 2 GB of hosted cloud storage, but you can not share your files with others, only keep it private to you. And to register teamdrive account, you need to download its app firstly, apps for Windows 7/8/10 and later, Mac OS X 10.10 and later, Linux, Android and iOS are free to download.
So if you upload and sync files only to you, then TeamDrive personal is for you. I am going to use it.

Tresorit. End-to-end encryption, Encrypted backup, servers are located in the Europe, under Swiss privacy laws that provide stronger protection than similar laws in the US or even the EU.
I don't know how to register Tresorit basic account? Its basic account is 3 GB free cloud space, but you will find there is no way for you register a basic account from its website. The solution is simple-just start free trial, after the trial expires, switch your account to basic plan---which is forever free but with ***limited sharing features***. Or, through this link https://tresorit.com/pricing/basic to register Tresorit basic free edition.

UpdateStar Online Backup. It is professional and only for your windows backup, no free edition. So if you want to back up your computer in the cloud, UpdateStar is one more choice.

Yandex disk. Yandex disk is a web storage provider from Russia, and Yandex is the Russia-First and World-Fifth Internet company. Yandex disk free cloud storage is 10 GB, single file size up to 10 GB, and you can  increase the your Disk volume by inviting your friends, participating in Yandex special offers or paying for additional space. All your files stored on Yandex.Disk will be scanned with an antivirus.
All functions of storage, syncing and sharing are available, you can listen to the song files and watch the video files with the help of Yandex built-in flash player. And webDAV client is supported, that is to say, if your apps is webDAV protocol supported, then you can manage your files on Yandex disk through your apps.
Multiple platforms of both computer and mobile devices: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone.
Anyway, another good free cloud drive choice.

This list of the (free) online storage services will be updated when:
I review new online drive providers,
or, many visitors email to me about their bad experiences of the online storage services of some cloud companies,
or, when I know that the cloud companies' free/paid storage strategies are changed,
or, other situations.

Besides backup, storing, syncing and sharing of general files on the cloud, if you still have other special businesses to do on the cloud, try Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Linode SSD Cloud Hosting or Vultr, which are not just web storage but also hosting server.

If you want to have your own cloud rather than a third-part service, try to use Lima or ownCloud.

Q: Why do the cloud drive companies provide free online storage service to users?
A: To earn more money. By offering free edition, the cloud companies want to draw more and more users, which will build a better brand for their web drive products. At the same time, the more free users they have, the more potential paid/premium users they will get, the more money they will earn. In a word, free is just the commercial strategy, earning money is the destination. Anyhow, they do give people much convenience brought by the benefits of free cloud drive.

Q: How to get more than 100 GB free online storage from the Internet?
A: I have shared so many good web storage providers with you, more than 30! Most of them provide free cloud service, Degoo Cloud Backup is already 100GB free web space. If you register all the accounts of them, I am sure you will easily get more than 100 GB free web drive storage. But as I said green cloud and environmentally friendly, so use the online drive properly, do not waste the hosting servers out of your needs, just like we should not waste water.

Q: Do I suggest to use paid edition of storage on the cloud?
A: If you have online storage needs that the free account can not qualify your business plan, then you should buy the paid edition, because the online storage providers are more professional in their area than you, they can do better than you do it all by yourself. At the same time, you can save much energy and money, then you do the business you are professional. But make sure buy from the cloud provider is the one you trust and you think it is your best choice. Besides, use the free account before you are going to buy.

Q: Which free/paid online storage service is the best?
A: There are so many cloud plan providers on the Internet, different people have different answer because of different reasons, I say Google drive is the best, she says Qpendrive, they insists Dropbox..., so not just read articles titled as "Google drive VS Dropbox VS Mega", do your own analysis and comparison on security, speed, storage, platforms and so on, it is your own choice to decide which is the best one to you on the cloud, tell us its name and share your reasons with us by dropping your comment.

By the way, if there are some nice cloud drive services that I did not list in this post, would you like to share their names with us? Then I will go to review and update them in the list.

Some tips about storing your files on the (free) cloud drive.
cloud-security online tips.jpg
  • Anything on the web is not absolutely secure/safe, because Internet is about sharing, so do not upload files which contain your VERY important information to the cloud. And only login your cloud account with the web/WiFi that you are trusted in, especial to the strange web connection environment.
  • Do not upload, sync your files by cellular data traffic of your mobile devices, because it is not just slow but also rather expensive.
  • Again, do not register all the free online drive services of the list if you do not have the necessary. If you do, then delete the spare accounts which you even never use in case that you will forget them in the corner of the web.
  • Protect your password properly, both of your online storage and email accounts. You also are responsible for your data security online. If you lost/forget both the password of your cloud drive and the associated email accounts, you will lose access of your files stored on the web.

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